VMWare NAT problems on Windows 7

The current version of VMWare (Workstation 6.5.1, 6.5.2, Server 2.0.1, Player) doesn’t support NAT on Windows 7 (RC1). Typically you can ping servers and do nslookups but not use your Internet Browser or ssh/telnet etc.
But you can use the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

A more complex solution by removing all virtual adapters can be found in this VMWare Forum thread but this made some troubles on my PC so I simplified these instructions.

First Step: change virtual IP

  1. Run “Manage Virtual Networks” (VMWare Player: start vmnetcfg.exe from installation directory) with administrave rights
  2. go to “Host Virtual Network Mapping” tab, select the “>” next to VMnet1 and (if necessary) change the subnet to something different than (for example and click apply
  3. go to “Host Virtual Network Mapping” tab, select the “>” next to VMnet8 and change the subnet to and click apply
  4. go to “NAT” tab, click edit and change gateway IP adress to and click apply

It is not necessary to restart the NAT service.

Second Step: enable ICS

  1. open the “Network and Sharing Center” and click “Change adapter settings”
  2. open the properties of your LAN-Connection, go to the “sharing” tab and enable “allow other network users to connet through this computer’s internet connection” and select to connect through VMnet8
  3. windows tells you that it will assign IP, click OK

Third Step: check VMs

If you have configured a fixed IP inside your VM you must change the IP4 Gateway and DNS1 to

Note 1: Port forwarding has to be configured using the ICS Settings button, not the VMWare NAT-Dialog.

Note 2: Windows 7 Beta seems to use as IP für ICS.

Note 3: no Windows Firewall changes are necessary

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